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How to Store Colloidal Silver

The ideal way to store colloidal silver is in amber or cobalt blue glass bottles at a normal room temperature.

Colloidal silver made with Silvonic colloidal silver generators is very stable and is not negatively affected by ultraviolet rays, however, for long-term storage, it is best to keep colloidal silver in glass jars stored away from direct sunlight.

Since colloidal silver is a natural antibacterial anti-fungal, it is a natural preservative.  There is no need to worry about colloidal silver becoming moldy or contaminated by bacteria during storage as long as the storage bottles are clean and the lids are on tight.

Colloidal silver does not need to be refrigerated.  In fact, it should not be refrigerated or frozen because the cold temperatures can interfere with colloidal silver's natural electrical conductivity.

For the same reason, colloidal silver should not be stored in plastic bottles.

Furthermore, for long-term storage, keep your colloidal silver away from large electrical items.

Since purchasing new amber or cobalt glass bottles is expensive, most people who make colloidal silver for home use recycle wine, liquor, tea and root beer bottles for storage.  Simply, clean and dry the bottles and their lids or corks thoroughly before using them for colloidal silver storage.

If you plan to keep your colloidal silver in a dark room, you might consider storing your colloidal silver in mason jars, which are relatively inexpensive.
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