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Colloidal Silver Generator Silvonic with Automatic
Silvonic 1G RSG-2
What is the price? $159 $379 $199
Does it shut off automatically? Yes (Light shuts off) Yes (Light shuts off) No
Approximately how much colloidal silver does it make per batch? 1 Qt. 1 Gal. 8 - 16 Oz.
Approximately how long does it take to make a batch? 10 Hours 6 Hours 1 hour (larger particles)
Approximately how many gallons does one set of electrodes make? 100 Gal. 400 Gal 50 Gal.
About how many ppm of colloidal silver does it make? 10-15 ppm 10-15 ppm 10-15 ppm
What kind of warranty do you offer? Lifetime Lifetime 1-Yr. Limited
Does it come with an AC/DC adaptor? Yes Yes Yes
Does it come with a free TDS meter? Yes Yes (EC-3) No
Other Special Features? SWAP mode SWAP mode Also a Parasite Zapper
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