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Dr. Robert C.  Beck's Patents

Dr. Beck received numerous patents on his devices.  This is not a comprehensive list.

Colloidal Silver Patents
Patent #7135195 Treatment of humans with colloidal silver composition.
2007/0190174 A1 Antiviral Colloidal Silver Composition.

Blood Electrification & Microcurrent Patents
Patent #5188738 Alternating current supplied electrically conductive method & system for the treatment of blood or bodily fluids or synthetic fluids with electric forces.
Patent #5133352 Method for treating herpes simplex
Patent #3753886 Selective Destruction of Bacteria.
Patent # 6907294 Apparatus and Methods for Facilitating Wound Healing.
Patent #592735 Apparatus for electrically treating liquids
Patent #5139684 Electrically Conductive Methods and Systems for Treatment of Blood or other body fluids or synthetic Fluids
Patent #3692648 Process For Oxygenating Blood and Apparatus for Carrying Out Same
Patent #4616640 Birth control method and device employing electric forces.
Patent #3994799 Blood and tissue detoxification apparatus.
Patent #5133932 Blood processing apparatus.

Magnetic Field Pulse Patents
Patent #4665898 Malignancy treatment
Patent #4105017 Modification of the growth repair and maintenance behavior of living tissueand cells by a speific and selective change in electrical environment
Patent #4654574 Apparatus for reactively applying electrical energy pulses to a living body
Patent #6675047 Electromagnetic-field therapy method and device

Ozonator Patents
Patent #6073627 Apparatus for the application of ozone/oxygen for the treatment of external pathogenic conditions
Patent #6399664 Method of treating cancer, specifically leukemia, with ozone

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